Tom Hester has designed and sculpted for Hollywood for over 35 years. Inspired by his father's profession as an orthopaedic surgeon and his mother's work at the Natural History Museum, his knowledge of anatomy and fascination with the natural world were instrumental in his early work with Rick Baker, on such films as An American Werewolf in London,  Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Michael Jackson's Thriller, Harry and The Hendersons, Gorillas in the Mist and Gremlins 2.

Aside from live action film work, Tom was the lead Character Designer for the animated blockbusters Shrek, Shrek2  &  Shrek The Third.




Simultaneously with his film career, for decades, Tom has pursued his Fine Art Sculpture. It is now his primary focus. His subject matter includes figurative, wildlife and fantasy, with an impassioned emphasis on the severely endangered big cats. "I hope to bring attention to their desperate fight for survival and to highlight their phenomenal power, elegance and majesty."











 Character Designer

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