Snow Leopard

Traditionally, sculpture requires the artist to create a complex armature around which they build up the clay or wax model. This armature is built to reflect both the position and proportions of the subject. Only once this technical (but time consuming) process is complete can the artist focus on the details and finish, which capture the essence of the subject.

Lady & The Leopard

Detailing of wax cast prior to foundry work

Detail of Lady with patina

Chasing of bronze casts prior to patina.

As painful as this must appear, no creatures were actually harmed in the process.....honestly!

Detail of finished Leopard head

Finished "Lady & The Leopard" Bronze Sculpture

Mountain Lion

Here is detailed step by step illustration of the amount of work that goes into producing one of my bronze sculptures.

Retribution - Display Version

14 ft Sculpture at the Monsterpalooza show- Pasadena

Vulture base sculpt in foam

Vulture detailing front

Vulture detailing back

Tiger foam rough

“Retribution” display preparation







 Character Designer

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